Write for us

Write for us

Through our website, you now can submit information as well as suggestions to sergeromanov.com. Additionally, you can be invited to provide regular guest posts to a blog. You have to follow all of the guidelines if you want to become a regular contributor to our website. We are open to a diverse variety of specializations. We can lend you a hand in securing a natural link that will contribute to the enhancement of the reputation of your site. It will also help you enhance the ranking of your websites on search engines like Google and Bing. Your position in the search results will improve as a result of this.

What We Are Searching For In A Common Guest Post?

  • We are always looking for works that are original and written very well. 
  • Articles that have been published elsewhere should not be sent here.
  • A post needs to contain at least 550 words, be written with proper grammar and spelling, and be able to pass Copyscape tests.
  • Blog posts that are written well will include fashion advice, information on trends, and thorough documentation. 
  • Every assertion needs to be supported with data from reliable sources, such as statistics or case studies.

All Of The Articles May Be Subject To Slight Editing By Our Team

There is no restriction on the number of links that can be included to connected websites. You are only allowed to incorporate one (1) hyperlink back to either your website or the website of your client within a given piece of content. You are not permitted to link to any content that is not allowed.

We will provide an image from our stock that is relevant to the topic. It is required that any graphics or photographs that are included in the article have a resolution of at least 800 pixels and be of high quality.

We Address Questions Regarding Guest Posting

We are especially interested in reading marketing blogs that cover topics related to small and medium-sized businesses. The following categories of business are among our areas of expertise:

  • Guest Articles for Legal and Financial Markets 
  • Markets for Legal and Financial Services Guest Post Articles 
  • Insurance Marketing Guest Post Articles 
  • Guest Post Articles for Real Estate Marketing
  • Posting guest articles for marketing of non-profit organizations; 
  • Posting guest articles for marketing of healthcare 
  • Posting guest articles for marketing of technology 
  • Posting guest articles for marketing of websites specializing in web development and marketing.

As you can see, we are open to receiving articles from a diverse array of industries. Please include a synopsis of your work if you are uncertain as to whether or not it is appropriate for our platform. In general, we are willing to consider publishing any well-written content that is connected to the aforementioned businesses or well-known sub-niches.

  • Pay-per-click Marketing
  • Email Marketing 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

How to Find Us?

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