What Do Granite Fabricators Do?

What Do Granite Fabricators Do?

They basically take a piece of rough stone and turn it into brand-new kitchen counters. They head down to the quarry/warehouse to pick up some stone and transform it into a stunning, long-lasting counter.

It’s Amazing To Watch

It is obvious that there are many steps involved in this process. Each granite fabricator will have a unique method for granite fabrication. But here are the steps all Granite and natural stones fabricator teams will use to produce your granite countertop.

The first thing contractors do is extract the raw limestone. They then go down to the local quarry and start cutting the Granite and stone that they can find. Special machinery will take large chunks out of the Granite and raw stones, which can then be cut down to smaller sizes. For processing, the raw materials will be returned to their manufacturer.

Measure Your Kitchen: Using digital lasers, a specialist can measure your kitchen countertops to determine how big and what shape the granite countertop or granite backsplash will need to be. They will ask you for the style of countertop edge that you would like, as well as space requirements for sink anchors and other hardware fittings. Digital files and blueprints will then be created using exact measurements. These digital files then get sent back to the factory.

You Can Cut It Down: After the quarry stone has been returned to the factory, the workers will begin to chop it into small pieces that can be used as a countertop material. They’re not going to trim it to exact sizes at this time. They just need a larger slab so they can work with it more easily (and fit it in their machines).

Polish it: Special machines are used in polishing and smoothing Granite down to the smooth, shining look we’re used to. The Granite at this point is a flat rectangle of smooth, shiny Granite. This material can then be shaped to create a custom-made granite countertop.

Special light and photo images are used to check for defects before cutting the Granite to size. If there are any defects, workers will try to rectify them or work around them if they can. If the defects are not severe and only superficial, it might be possible to use that granite side for the kitchen counter.

Cut According To Digital Files: When the slab of Granite is ready to be cut to any size you require, the digital measurements from your house are sent to the factory floor. The fabricators will then know exactly what size and form the Granite requires, right down to the millimeter. These digital files are passed to the factory floor, where they can be used to cut the basic form of Granite that will be used in your kitchen layout.

Barcodes for Tracking: contractors often use barcodes in granite fabrication to ensure that they keep track of which countertop is which. Granite fabrication Denver companies that are large will likely need barcodes in order to keep track.

Edging Machinery: This special “edging” machinery is used in the polishing and smoothing of edges of cut granite countertops. Different machines will produce different effects depending upon the style of countertop edge that a customer prefers. Different edges can have different benefits. They allow spills to fall directly onto the flooring instead of into the cabinets below.

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