What’s live resin and what make them so different

What’s live resin and what make them so different

Live resin is a relatively new addition to the cannabis industry. It is a popular choice among both producers and consumers. It preserves the aromas and flavors of the live plant better than other extractions, and it is also cheaper and easier to make.

Live resins have a higher terpene profile and can provide a more complicated experience.

Many cannabis concentrates can be described or named by their texture or consistencies. Some are hard and brittle like shatter, others are waxy like batter, and others are thick and gooey like sauce. The live resin concentrate is more malleable and sits somewhere between a sauce and wax. It’s not quite like taffy but it’s still very liquid.

Although it is usually dark yellow, it can also be light yellow or white. It is sticky like all cannabis concentrates and you will need a dab instrument to use it.

The potency of live resins is high and contains a lot of THC. Consumers love the intense aromas and flavors that carry over from the original plants.

How to make resin from living?

Live resin is different from other types because it is made with fresh frozen cannabis plants that have been cut at harvest. These plants are frozen during extraction and do not need to be dried, cured, or trimmed.

The drying and curing of cannabis plants can have a significant impact on Terpenes and the plant’s aroma and flavor compounds. trichomes are a source of terpenes, which cover the buds and the surrounding foliage.

The plant loses moisture and chlorophyll during drying and curing. These can expose trichomes and terpenes to light, heat, oxygen, or oxygen. Trichomes can also cause trichomes to separate from plants when they are handled or moved during harvesting.

The trichomes of the cannabis plant are preserved by freezing them immediately after harvest. This allows the plant to retain its original flavor and aroma throughout the extraction process.

After harvesting, the frozen plants go through a solvent extraction process using propane or butane.

Benefits of living resin

Live resin is preferred by Dabbers because it has more flavor and “therapy” than other concentrates. It preserves the original flavor profile of the plant by preserving trichomes or terpenes. The preservation of trichomes is important to preserve cannabinoids and the potency of live resin.

Growing plants for the live resin is a favorite pastime of growers. Growers can freeze fresh plants right after harvest, saving them the time and effort of drying, curing, and trimming the plants. Whole plants can be cut down and frozen and then sent to the extractor. Growers can save a lot of time, labor, money, and effort by producing plants for live resin.

How to use live resin

There are many ways to consume live resin.


The most common way to consume live resin is by dabbing. You will need a torch, dab rig, and a nail or an e–rig. To handle the concentrate and place it into the nail, you’ll need a dab instrument.

Learn more about the best dabbing temperature.

Vaping with a dab pen

A dab pen can also be used to put live resin, which is a device that looks similar to a vape pen but does not contain concentrates.

To get the resin into the bowl or oven of your dab pen, use a dabber to help. Simply adjust the temperature and press the button to inhale.

How to store live resin

Keep live resin at room temperature in an airtight container. This will preserve the terpenes in the resin and make it last a long time.

It is best to leave it open without a lid. This will allow it to breathe, light, heat, and air. It will dry out and harden making it more difficult to handle.

What is the cost of live resin?

The technology behind live resin has advanced a lot. It was a rare and new product that could only be found in select markets.

Live resin is still sold at an elevated premium over other concentrates. However, prices for live resin are now much more affordable. Most dispensaries offer a variety of options.

Live resins are typically priced between $20-30 per gram at the low end. However, they can go up to $50 per gram at the high end.

What makes live resins so different?

Live resins can differ slightly in consistency–although they sit between waxes and sauces, some can be more like saps, sugars, or jellies.

Viscosity can be affected by the number of terpenes present in live resins. Some only contain lighter terpenes like pinene or myrcene. Variations may also occur because not all terpenes are captured in some extraction processes.

You can also mechanically alter concentrates after extraction, for example, when saps are made into kinds of butter. This creates different consistency.

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