Easy Steps to Grow Your Business

Easy Steps to Grow Your Business

You’re a busy entrepreneur. We can help you see beyond your daily grind.

This mentor-supported, customizable program was designed by entrepreneurs who have been there. It gives you the support and structure you need to reach your goals.

You can:

  • Based on the results of the assessment, you can tailor your participation. It is up to you.
  • Participate at your own pace and when you have the time.
  • To create a custom growth plan, you will need to work one-on-one.
  • Network with like-minded professionals and meet new people.

Session 1 – Goal Setting and Business Assessment

Find out where there is potential for improvement in your business and then create a new set.

Session 2 – Marketing Your Business

You can increase your customer reach and retention by learning about social media & internet marketing, public relations strategies, cause marketing, and event marketing. Find out how to make “Raving Fans” for your business and your employees.

Session 3- Managing Your Time, People, And Resources

Good management starts with knowing when and when to hire. This session will discuss best practices in employee training and hiring, motivation, and staff development for peak performance, as well as the best ways to use outside resources and how to manage time and delegation.

Session 4- Boost Your Sales

Every business owner wants to increase sales. This growth workshop business coaching will show you how to increase sales by expanding your distribution channels, motivating and building your sales team, benchmarking, and using Customer Relationship Management (CRM), to manage and keep customers.

Session 5-Financial Management

Use financial statements to manage your company. Trusted advisors. Using financial ratios. Management of risk, cash flow forecasts, and financing your business’s expansion. These fundamentals will help you make better business decisions.

Session 6 – Managing Operations

We will discuss how to operate your business more efficiently for profitability.

The Pros And Cons Of Business Growth

Planning for the growth of your company is crucial. You could have financial, legal, staffing and resource problems if your business expands too fast or too far. Business growth must be sustainable to be profitable.

Common Problems Resulting From Rapid Growth

  • In the short term, you could outgrow your property. You might not have enough space to allow everyone to work efficiently.
  • If staff are unable to handle the additional work, morale could drop. Productivity may drop.
  • You may have a shortfall of cash to pay for expansion costs. To generate more income, you may need to take on more work. This can put additional stress on your staff and premises.
  • Management might feel under pressure and operate reactively instead of proactively.
  • Your products and services may be of less quality, which could lead to more customer complaints.
  • Due to high workloads, staff turnover could increase. Staff turnover can lead to the loss of vital knowledge. It takes time and money to train and hire new employees.
  • You may lose touch with your business with the activities of competitors.






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