Caring for your Nomination Bracelet

Caring for your Nomination Bracelet

How many times have you bought jewellery, worn it for a long period of time and it’s rusted or tarnished? Or you’ve bought yourself a quick jewellery fix, got it wet and it’s ruined. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It makes you worry about the next item you buy jewellery, whether it will last the test of time. The materials used to create Nomination jewellery is crafted using artisan techniques with only the highest quality of materials, with Nomination printing their name on every piece of jewellery to authenticate its originality and origin or production.

The choice of materials used by Nomination to create their one of a kind composable bracelets can vary from; Stainless Steel, Brass, Leather, Enamel, Gold, Gemstones, Rose Gold and Sterling Silver. The primary material used to create the composable Nomination bracelet is Stainless Steel; its strong and resistant nature not to tarnish makes it the ideal base for a bracelet that is to be worn on a daily basis. Using the highest quality of Stainless Steel is also ideal to clean, using a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water means that your composable Nomination bracelet won’t tarnish or rust from being worn in the bath or shower.

Other materials used to create the iconic composable bracelets consist of; Sterling Silver, using the finest quality hypoallergenic treated with a Rhodium to prevent tarnishing and maintain its shine. Sometime’s the Silver can be oxidised to create a vintage effect but ultimately Silver should be cleaned with a dry soft cloth to help prevent the tarnishing of any of your Nomination jewellery. The same principle applies to caring for the 9 to 18 carat Gold that is featured on elements of the composable Nomination bracelets and other Nomination pieces.

If you’ve purchased a personalised Nomination bracelet before then you’ll be aware that some of the links and charms that can be purchased contain precious and semiprecious gemstones. Each gemstone can vary in colour and display some of their natural characteristics; this can sometimes include streaks or veins in the stone which should not be confused for imperfections. To avoid any damaged to these stones, you really should store your jewellery carefully. You should never wear your jewellery whilst using detergents as these can also loosen stones and cause damage.

Ideally to care for your Nomination bracelets and any other Nomination jewellery you have you must follow the correct care procedures to ensure the product does not damage or tarnish. Always remember to remove any jewellery before using skin creams, lotions, perfumes or oils of any kind as chemicals and oils can cause discolouration and damage to your beautiful Nomination piece.  Rest assured, with the proper care your Stainless Steel composable bracelet will last the test of time with the correct care.

You can find all Nomination jewellery including the iconic Nomination bracelet on our website. For further information regarding the care procedure of the materials used by Nomination, please see their Guarantee and Care Instructions on their website.

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