Tips on Using Flowers to Stage Your Home

Tips on Using Flowers to Stage Your Home

It is not an easy task to prepare a home for sale. You will need to have a home inspector come in to assess your property and tell you what needs to be fixed before you list it. There are many cosmetic issues that can easily make your home unsellable. You will need to clear out all clutter, personal and otherwise, and paint or install new flooring. In order to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, you might want to replace fixtures or improve curb appeal. It is important to properly stage your home before you show it. One thing that you might not have considered is the importance of flowers in your staging strategy. These are some tips to make the most of fragrant blooms when you’re trying to sell your house.

Consider them an accessory. You can add any number of accessories to your home. Throws and pillows, for example, can add some life to a dull couch. A plain dining room table should have a centrepiece and a full service, with carefully arranged plates, glassware, napkins and silverware. By showing prospective homeowners a glimpse into the potential of their home, the idea is to let them see what it would look like when decorated tastefully. The right flowers can enhance the overall picture but they must be used in a proper manner. Choose floral arrangements that complement the space they are in. They should match the rest of your decor, just like any accessory.

Take into account allergies. Many people are allergic to flowers, in particular. There are a few ways to avoid allergic reactions. You can avoid flowers known to trigger allergic reactions, such as chrysanthemums and daisies. You can ask your Sydney Florist for female blooms. They don’t produce any pollen so they are less likely to cause allergies in potential buyers who visit your property.

Common smells. While some flowers are more fragrant than others it may not be a bad thing. Overpowering aromas can make a home feel crowded. Instead of using overwhelming scents such as jasmine, gardenia, and lilac in your home, you might consider incorporating a mixture of fragrant and odorless flowers to avoid irritating sensitive noses. Common scents like roses are more appealing to a wider range of buyers, particularly if they are subtle and not overwhelming.

Cost. To achieve a specific effect, you could cut roses from your front yard and put a few wildflowers into a mason container. You could also opt for arrangements with a few spectacular blooms, along with inexpensive filler (roses, baby’s breath and lilies, greenery, etc.). You can save money while still adding a beautiful accent to your staging efforts.

Potted or cut. You might consider spending a little more for potted plants that can withstand the many home viewings you have ahead. Cut flowers may be more affordable if you have a rare property that is selling quickly.

You should consider curb appeal. Lawns should be mowed and leaves raked every other day. For the entrance, you might consider a hanging or potted tree.

Make sure to sweep the porch, deck, and all walkways.

You can scrub your porch, front door, outside railings, and steps. This is cheaper than repainting, and it makes a huge difference.

After cleaning the exterior entrance, you can decide if it really needs to be repainted. Are you in need of a new mailbox, welcome mat, house numbers, or porch light? These items will make a lasting impression on visitors when they visit your home.


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