How To Choose The Right Bra For Your Frame

How To Choose The Right Bra For Your Frame

Attaching your shaping or high-waist control shorts to your bra is a great way to hold them in place. Wearing shapewear that moves around or rolls down defeats the purpose of it. You intended to refine your silhouette and smoothen your lines, but instead, you end up with bumps where you didn’t intend. With this extra security, you can be active and shop until you drop. What causes rolldown? How do you attach bra shapewear to your bra?


It’s crucial to understand why some shapewear might roll down. Even garments that feel perfect at first may shift or roll as you go, which can be a problem. Rolldown can be caused by the following reasons:


It is more likely that the best-fitting shapewear will not roll down. Do not let the tempting temptation reduce your size thinking this will make you more effective. It can actually have the opposite effect. A smaller item is more likely to roll and cause bumps.


High-quality fabrics are less likely than lower-quality fabrics to roll down. Because they retain their compressive qualities for longer periods of wear and more cycles, high-quality fabrics are less likely to roll down. Cheaper garments will eventually fail, so don’t buy them!


There is a right way to wear your shapewear. Make sure you dry your skin after a shower. Because excess moisture can cause the fabric to shift against your skin as it dries.


When it comes to dressing, your body has many natural anchor points. When it comes to keeping your firmware in place, your shoulders are an excellent anchor. Your bra’s shoulder straps are responsible for resisting gravity.

Use your Bra

How can you use your bra for shaping and controlling shorts? Your bra already sits securely around your shoulders and around the ribs. The secret to creating a seamless compression line in your waist is by using the bra band.


Your bra can be used as a layering device over high-rise control briefs. To prevent the shorts or briefs from rolling down, simply tuck the top line of your tummy control under your bra band.


Attach the top of your high-waisted shapewear to your brain in at least three places. Some bra-friendly shapewear has straps that attach to your bra. Safety pins are also an option for quick fixes. If you have the time, you can find purpose-made straps that look like mini braces. These straps can be folded over your bra band, and then clip to the top of your firmware.


Alternatively, stick with tape as the dresser trick. For those times when you need extra stability, dress tape is a good piece of kit. Tape your bra to the tape or attach the tape to the top of your compression shorts.

Pre-made Option

You can combine bras and shaping briefs to create the perfect stable core shapewear. A shaping cami or bodysuit is a good choice. These garments are all-in-one and can be anchored by shoulder straps. They also benefit from the stability provided by side panels. They can lift your breasts, shape your hips, and contour around your bum. There is no bagging!

Debras wants to stop rolldown! We strive to help our customers find the perfect size in beautiful, high-quality garments. We want you to look your best, whether it’s shopping for a shaping cami or a bra to add stability.

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