Do you prefer concierge shopping by SMS?

Do you prefer concierge shopping by SMS?


Nowadays, technological revolts have made most individuals too busy with their day-to-day working tasks. So, it becomes difficult for people to perform their routine chores. Thus, they are looking for aid from someone else to do their jobs on their programs. At this moment, you can take the help of a digital concierge platform. It can arrange the assistance of the persons and work for their suitability to carry out all the requirements together with fair, ethical, and legal manners.

What are concierge shopping services?

We know your schedule is busy, and you don’t get time for your day outs. Likewise, you don’t get a span for your shopping because of your work pressure. Therefore, we are giving you a suggestion on that. What if your shopping is done without your work disturbance?

Yes! It is possible to purchase a few items by using the concierge shopping services instead of you. You can save time and energy by using concierge services, and it is very smooth to use. It is more beneficial when you run your issues with the foreign purchase.

Concierge shopping by SMS

The digital concierge platform authorize the retailer to couple their shopping experts with the online shopping individuals expandable through 1.1 conversations via SMS. However, the shopping concierge gives the personal boost for the shopping in the particular part. Usually, it is assisted with the famous tourist shopping places and pre-order shopping services. But, the concierge charges a few amounts as per the transaction.

Further, their charges depend on the time, hours, or as a few percentages, and according to shopping transactions. Also, the sellers and stores that do not support international shopping can join the concierge shopping for their expansion.

Pros & cons of SMS concierge shopping

Pros – 

  • You can shop through SMS day or night. (24 hours)
  • A person can do SMS shopping without answering or by answering a call from someone.
  • You can choose SMS concierge shopping as it is an informal texting source.
  • Shopping by SMS is a cost-effective process.
  • Your shopping texts are kept private and read by only item providers.
  • Quick opening, reading, and responding to the shopping SMS is possible as the percentage of starting and reading a text message is 98%.
  • After placing an order, people can check, track, and enhance their performance by SMS concierge shopping.

Cons –

  • You can only SMS them in short. You cannot send long SMSs to them.
  • It will take time to make a proper message if you haven’t tried any SMS texting yet.
  • The SMS services are only for ordering and complaining about the defect. You cannot make another conversation with the associate.


We have so many shopping sites where we can order anything from clothes, footwear, electronic gadgets, accessories, etc. And one of the best sources to shop online is concierge shopping through SMS. Therefore, we have mentioned concierge shopping by SMS in this blog. You will get the piece of information on concierge shopping and its pros and cons on this blog.


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