Before Buying Street-Legal Golf Carts Understand the State Laws

Before Buying Street-Legal Golf Carts Understand the State Laws

Street Legal Golf Cart Requirements | How to Make Your Golf Cart Street  Legal

Golf carts are not confined to golf courses or clubs, but their use has exponentially increased in a couple of decades. The reasons are compelling when you commute with golf carts instead of your car.

  • Increases efficiency – Golf carts are small in size and so more fuel-efficient. Nevertheless, if you choose an electric golf cart then the efficacy is more obvious because charging it is similar to mobile phone charging.
  • Eco-friendly – With golf carts, carbon emission is eliminated.
  • Budget-friendly – Brand new golf cart costs $6,000, which is 300% times less in comparison to a new car.
  • Low maintenance – Golf carts are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, so need little maintenance in comparison to a fuel-powered car.
  • Versatile – Golf carts are allowed in multiple places where cars are not. However, you need to buy golf carts that are legally designed for use on the streets. A good transportation alternative not limited to a golf course but around the neighborhood.
  • Fun – Cruising in a noiseless, electric golf cart sounds fun.

What marks golf carts as street legal?

If you are wondering what is distinct about the street legal golf carts, which are allowed to run on some roads where regular vehicles move. Every state has its unique laws associated with street-legal low-speed vehicles [LSV]. In Indiana and Ohio, operating golf carts on the public road needs a title and registration as LSV or NEV [neighborhood electric vehicle] permit.

For more information about the street, legality consults the professionals at Carts & Parts. They are in the golf cart selling, repairs, and customization business for more than ten years. It is better to do some research before you buy a new golf cart or customize an LSV for public roads.

During the golf cart inspection, certain things will be taken into consideration before approving it to be driven on the public streets. Have registration as per the state law. It includes –

  • Vehicle identification number [VIN], valid driver’s license, and insurance.
  • License plate in the back and front of the golf cart. Numbers and letters must be readable, visible, and aligned.
  • Headlights, turn signals, and brake/tail lights help to avoid an accident because sharing streets with other vehicles is dangerous.
  • Parking brakes, horns, windshield, and reflex reflectors.
  • Speedometer keeps your speed controlled as you will be sharing the public road.
  • A rear-view mirror is not necessary on golf courses, but on the open street, it is crucial to see not just what is in front but even behind you.
  • A seat belt is a crucial safety precaution that needs to be taken seriously.

What safety precautions to consider while driving LSVs or legal golf carts on public roads?

Traffic laws that are applied to driving a car need to be followed when you are behind the wheels of an LSV.

  • While driving a golf cart on public roads, it is essential to consider pedestrians, bicycles, and other vehicles moving around.
  • Speed is also a matter of consideration.
  • Other laws associated with drinking and driving are also applicable to driving LSVs. DUI penalties and fines if you are caught driving a golf cart are similar to a regular car.

Do some research, before you plan to buy or customize a golf cart for driving legally in the neighborhood or public roads!


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