Be Creative with Designing and Installing Custom Logo Flooring Mats

Be Creative with Designing and Installing Custom Logo Flooring Mats

In a competitive, globalized market environment, brand awareness is essential. This is why you need to effectively promote your brand whenever possible. At every touchpoint, project a positive brand image.

Logo doormats, for example, allow brands to display their logo or key messages at an important touchpoint. Because it is placed at the business’s threshold, visitors will have to cross it before they can connect with your products and services. Entrance doormats are a powerful marketing tool.

Your lobby or reception area will be enhanced by custom logo door mats. Ultimate Mat provides custom printed mats in crisp, functional designs that are both attractive and practical. You can welcome your visitors with customized logo mats that include relevant text and bright colors. Print effects such as shading, 3-D imaging, and fading are available.

Be creative – Think outside of the box

Logo mats don’t have to be limited to printing logos. You are free to add text, artwork, quotes, or other messages.

  • To create curiosity, make a mat with the label of a product you sell and place it in a strategic location.
  • You can create a custom mat to reflect a holiday, sentiment, or seasonal artwork. To increase office morale, add some fun elements. You use mats all the time so why not add some fun to your office?
  • Waterlog logo mats are a good choice if your storefront or establishment is located in an area that sees a lot of wet foot traffic. It absorbs water, keeps the floor dry, and is resistant to slippage.
  • Anti-fatigue logo mats are ideal for areas where clients or customers need to stand for long periods of time, such as the reception area at a clinic or hotel. They are comfortable and soft, allowing people to stand for long periods of time.
  • Berber logo mats stay strong because the fibers are compression-resistant but the logo design is not printed, it is cut directly in the mat with a special laser. Rubber or polypropylene are the materials used. This retrofit is ideal for hotels, banks, or commercial buildings.
  • To promote your product launch, use a customized floor mat.
  • As a loyalty giveaway, give out custom logo mats

Best Placements for Custom Floor Mats

Adding customized floor mats to the entrance, lobby, or restrooms is a great place. It helps to remove dirt and grime from shoes at the entrance. It traps water, preventing it flowing and making the floor slippery.

If quality graphics are installed in the lobby, it can leave a lasting impression. This is because customers have direct contact with the business. Bathroom doormats are a great way to keep the restrooms clean and secure. This shows that you care about the health and hygiene of your customers, even in the most intimate spaces.

It is a pleasant and helpful way to greet your employees. Your logo and brand name are the first things they see when they enter the store or building. This helps to reinforce your brand’s professional image. Entrance door mats are also a safety measure as they act as a first line of defense against dirt, debris, and moisture.


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