The advantages of Pay Per Click marketing automation

The advantages of Pay Per Click marketing automation

Paid search advertising has established itself as the very core part of digital marketing. Also known as search engine marketing, many businesses are shifting from the cost heavy and uncertain conventional methods of advertising to cost-effective and precise methods of advertising i.e. digital marketing.

With the right strategy incorporated, businesses are reaping huge returns from digital marketing schemes. The ubiquity of the internet has opened new avenues of opportunities and since everybody is on the internet today, it becomes essential that you use the internet as a tool for the growth of your business. Underestimation of its potency would be a huge mistake.

If you are looking for a solution to your PPC ad scheme, then you must consider PromoNaviThey are one of the best players in the market when it comes to marketing automation. They offer an exhaustive toolkit for PPC advertisers, no matter what the preference of the advertiser may be. It works for all the in-house marketers, small and large business owners etc.

ProNavi is a globally recognised name. They have more than 8k clients originating from over 54 countries. The features in their tool like the analytics dashboard, competitor analysis, keyword planner, keyword list, accounts alerts, Google ads automation, keyword wrapper, etc. allow you to generate an effective ad on a PPC campaign.

Benefits of PPC campaign

  • Increased brand recognition- Pay per click ad scheme is not restricted to search engines. They are widely popular on other platforms like social media which have their advertising programmes. Your number of people who get to know about your brand is directly proportional to the number of ads that you place.


  • Fast results- It doesn’t matter how much well optimised your webpage is, organic SEO is a time-consuming process when it comes for the results to show up. On the other hand, paid advertisements are quick in showing their results because the ads are visible in a very short period and they generate traffic immediately.

Another benefit is of PPC advertising is the ability to gauge the results and progress. Unlike conventional marketing schemes, you can easily see how many people saw your ads, how many of them clicked on the ad and how many of them made a conversion. You can also analyse their behaviour and get to know about your customers.

  • Pay only for the click – The best advantage of a PPC advertising campaign is that you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement. The cost per click would vary depending on your ad score and the keywords you have used. You can easily set up a budget on how much you are comfortable spending on paid advertisements.

The campaign can be stopped with one click if you observe that the ads are not performing well and you can do a little tweak here and a couple of tweaks there to make it effective.


PPC campaigns are one of the best forms of online advertising as all the power rests in the hands of the advertiser. The flexibility and amount of control on your ads make PPC campaigns the best.


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