Safe Vaping Practices To Follow While Driving To Avoid Getting Penalized

Safe Vaping Practices To Follow While Driving To Avoid Getting Penalized

While there are no stringent laws that make vaping illegal while you are steering the wheels of your vehicle, yet there are many instances where tickets were charged on grounds of using electronic vaping devices. Use of any portable electronic device comes under careless driving and is an offense as per the laws of most states.

If you love vaping your CBD and are worried about legal consequences if you are found doing it while driving, you must know what all circumstances need your attention and warns you to be cautious.

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Situations in which vaping can be an offense while driving

We should always avoid top-up our vape cartridges as that requires full attention and could prove to be very risky when your complete focus should be on the act of driving. Apart from this, vaping can be a legal offense if you are caught in the following situations:

  1. If the smoke from the vape is obstructing the windshield:
  • Vapor from the vapes can easily affect the visibility of the windshield and almost all states have some or another law regarding the same.
  • Smoke can also compromise your vision while driving which can be an added risk.
  1. If you are vaping when there are kids as passengers in the car:
  • If a minor is accompanying you in the car, use of any form of vapes is prohibited by most states.
  1. If you are involved in careless driving:
  • There can be many instances of careless driving involving vaping such as when you are trying to load your vaping device or cloud chasing obscuring the view etc.
  • If you are found performing such activities without worrying about the road safety rules, this is termed as reckless driving is a very serious offense that can permanently take away your driving rights.
  1. If your vape device is not accessible and you are trying to retrieve it while driving:
  • If you have accidentally missed the device while taking a turn, trying to retrieve it from under the seat or some other place can be regarded as illegal.
  • This is because this will take away your focus from driving which can put you and other drivers on the road at risk.

Vaping is not completely illegal when you are driving but it is your responsibility to make the experience as safe as possible on the road. The entire vaping experience should not pose any distraction to your driving otherwise you can find yourself in trouble. Penalties could be charged based on the legal considerations of your state.

Keep yourself and your family safe and avoid vaping at the time of driving as much as possible. If not, you should try to practice safe habits while performing both acts simultaneously.

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