Do I need to submit an experience outline?

Do I need to submit an experience outline?

Today I received an email from a reader looking for the answer to this question.
If I was in the same class for five years, do I need to include a summary of my experience with my application? It stated that:
Dear Mr. Cocciante:

I found your blog to be a great resource. I have a question that I hope you can answer. Let’s say that the contractor fails to renew his license. The license expires and it is valid for five years. Now, the contractor must apply for a new license. Original License. Do Contractors need to sign the Certification of Experience form? Per Bus. Per Bus. Contractor can use the same work experience that was used to obtain his original license. Given Contractor’s license, it is clear that he meets the minimum four-year requirement. This leads me to ask the question: Does Contractor need to include a Certification Of Work Experience form?

In another blog, I’ve seen contradictory answers. They said that the form wasn’t required at all, but they later said that it was. A tech at the CSLB told me that all Contractors need to do was write “See License No. I wrote “See License No. XXXX” on my Experience form. Another tech gave me a different answer.

I hope you can provide some insight. Your time is greatly appreciated. This topic might be an interesting one for a blog. This is a topic I know I am not the only one trying. A lot of men are returning to construction after letting their licenses expire due to the Northern California fires.

All my best.
Jessica T.
My response:
Hello Jessica,

We are grateful for your kind words.

As a former cslb technician and as a service provider who deals with current application technicians, I can assure you that he wouldn’t need to submit his experiences with a new app.

It will ask the applicant to fill out the application’s first page. The app tech will verify that the license number is correct and post the application to the exams.

However, they might ask for verification documents and an experience outline depending on the type of application.


Jessica, thank you for your email. I am happy to post it here. Any questions from readers are welcome.

Phil Cocciante is the former California Contractors State License Board applicant technician. He works in the licensing industry in California. Before joining the CSLB, he worked for six years in the construction trades. Contractors License Service is his company. It offers current study materials, online practice exams, document preparation and review, consulting, and application and renewal support.

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